Punta Cana Foundation

CheapOair signed on to sponsor the Punta Cana Foundation, an organization aiming to improve the health and well-being of local communities in the Dominican Republic
Founded in 1999, the Punta Cana foundation is an organization working to implement programs that improve local communities in Punta Cana, an area of the Dominican Republic, in basic areas of human development. They focus on the areas of education, community health, culture and sports.

CheapOair has signed on to sponsor the ball boys of the Punta Cana Tennis Center. The sponsorship will continue for two years.

CheapOair’s donations were used to purchase clothing and sneakers for the ball boys who, in addition to working at the tennis center, are also benefited by receiving professional tennis lessons.

Earlier in the year, CheapOair set aside further contributions totaling $750 for two ball boys who will be selected to travel to the National Tennis tournaments.

For more information on this organization, please visit www.puntacana.org/commact.htm.